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Amazon ends its unlimited cloud storage plan TechCrunch.
Another cloud storage party is over, guys: Amazon has sunsetted its unlimited cloud storage plan for Amazon Drive although members of its Prime subscription club will still get unlimited cloud storage for photos. From today, people signing up for Amazon Drive will not be able to select an unlimited cloud storage option. Instead they can choose either 100 GB for 11.99 per year, or 1 TB for 59.99, with up to 30 TB available for an additional 59.99 per TB. The prior pricing was 11.99pa for unlimited photos or unlimited everything for 59.99.
Cloud Storage Pricing Cheaper Than AWS Wasabi Technologies, Inc.
Wasabis Unlimited Egress pricing plan offers the cloud storage industrys lowest total price of 0049 per GB/month 4.99 per TB/month unlimited free egress no charge for API calls so you dont pay to access your data. 80% less than Amazon S3.
Amazon Cloud Drive goes unlimited: 11.99/year for photos and 59.99/year for everything VentureBeat.
Before today, Amazon Cloud Storage offered 5GB of storage for free, with a tiered pricing structure thereafter. This ran from 20GB for 10/year all the way up to 1TB/year for 500. So not only does this news today effectively scythe its top-tier offering by 10-fold, but it ups the top-level storage from 1000GB, to unlimited.
Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon, and More: Cloud Storage Services Compared WIRED.
And if you are one, its a good deal! Not only is the pricing competitive, but Microsoft also throws in an Office 365 subscription. And vice versa; if you subscribe to Office 365, you also get OneDrive storage. The power of bundles! The service itself, from interface to features, doesnt blow the doors off otherwise, but if youre firmly entrenched in Windowsworld you could surely do worse. Annual cost: 70. Add more: Microsoft offers a few multi-user configurations for both home and business, including an unlimited plan for 120 per year per user. That one doesnt come with Office 365, but thats still a solid deal. Amazon Cloud Drive.
Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison: Amazon S3 vs Azure vs B2.
Figures are not exact and do not include the following: Free first 10 GB of storage, free 1 GB of daily downloads, or 004/10000, class B Transactions and 004/1000, Class C Transactions. B2 Pricing Has Nothing To Hide. B2 is ready-access cloud storage that is incredibly affordable, cost predictable, and has no hidden fees.
AWS S3: understanding cloud storage costs and how to save.
Each time users activate Transfer Acceleration to upload an object, AWS checks whether or not the feature will be faster than a typical Amazon S3 transfer. If AWS determines that Transfer Acceleration will not improve transfer of a regular Amazon S3 transfer of the same object to the same destination AWS region, AWS will not charge the premium. Often, it may bypass the Transfer Acceleration system for that upload. Bottom line: Storage pricing includes more than storing the data. Realizing all of the moving billable parts of S3 storage can help operations managers and engineers keep financial surprises to a minimum. Not only can they set proper billing expectations by knowing exactly what to expect when moving data around from S3 type to type, but they can also identify key storage metrics to monitor and measure storage costs over time. Weve covered strategic ways to reduce S3 billing in the past, so check out that article for tips on lowering the bill. Otherwise, setting up a cloud cost management tool, like Cloudability, is a great way to start monitoring cloud storage usage and costs to identify possible ways to make storage cost-efficient.

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